I would like to thank Neeta’s Herbal for their very friendly care. Not only to me but to my hair too.. Their products are chemical free.. I am happy when I see my baby hair growing from the patches I had. I would like to continue Neeta’s Herbal service and the products.
~ K. Wewayganantha of Singapore

Reasonable price, great service & great products!
Drastic improvement in my scalp and hair condition as there are baby hairs growing out after gone for a few treatments.
~ Siti Hasanah of Singapore

I’m very much satisfied with the services & most importantly the visible results after going through 5 treatments where I can see baby hair growth.
Can’t wait to continue the treatment for a much better result with thicker hair, especially. Very highly recommended.
~ Karthik Krishna of Singapore

I came to Neeta’s last year after 6 months the spa in operation. So i consider myself as one of the earliest customer. Back then, there was not many ppl when i did my treatment, but now it is becoming busy and busier….Congratulation. I would like to thanks all the girls Arifah, Huda and Ning for treating my scalp problem. They are my friends now. I seen results in just the 4th visits, my hair starts to grow and it makes me sooo happy. Even though i have completed my packages i still continue to come for monthly treatment and buying products from them. I even recommend some of my friends.

~ Roslaini Husain of Singapore

Thanks Neeta’s Herbal for controlling my hair loss & hair fall when others fail. I can see the difference & feel the difference. My thinning hair has improved. The scalp analysis showed a lot of improvement & baby hair since I first started.

~ Trista Wu of Singapore
I would like to thank Neeta for the excellent service provided during my hair treatment especially to the friendly staff Ahrifa,Huda and Ning.I have seen lot of improvement in my scalp and new hair have started to grow and i will continued using the products and I will definitely recommend my friends .

~ Haleem of Singapore

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