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Neeta turned a problem into a solution (U.K newspaper- 2001)

November 21, 2011


India Today (UK) – 28 May 2001 Hair And Now Nita Gosalia turned a problem into a solution and is now helping others Baldness is NOT REALLY A MALE problem. Women are losing hair faster than ever before. Is it because of hormonal changes? Or does it stem from changing food habits? Or is stress […]

Tips on Sudden Hair Loss due to Stress…

November 20, 2011


People often do not understand how stress affects us mentally, physically, as well as the health of our hair. Stress affects the overall health of the individual. This does not mean that stress is always bad. Sometimes stress is good to have a unique approach to a  better decision making.  Up to a certain level […]

Hair Transplant Singapore – Does An Alternative Exist

August 21, 2011


Hair loss is a common issue these days that it is very common in men and women of all ages. We are all very conscious about our hair and begin to be worried over it as soon as a few extra hairs begin to fall out. Thinning or falling of hair is a major concern […]

Neeta’s Herbal- Malay Mail (Malaysia)

August 9, 2011


18th May 2002- The Malay Mail (Malaysia) Wednesday, July 21, 2010 Love Life EARTHY AND NATURAL Neeta’s Herbal offers a wide variety of natural herbal remedies. – By Fidah Ruzki Seeing is believing, that’s what they say. But what Nita Gosalia came across was more like “the proof of the pudding is in the eating.” […]

ScalpTreatment Singapore – Review by Ginevi

August 6, 2011


Bring on Perfection to your head : Neeta’s Herbal Scalp Treatment Posted on June 22, 2011 by Ginevi – Gin Wong, Singapore Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger| Leave a comment Hi Everyone, Thanks for following me all these while in search of different beauty products, remedy. This time round, i am taking this opportunity to bring you to a unique natural scalp treatment […]

Hair Loss Treatment Reviews Singapore – Sharon’s Blog

August 6, 2011


Review: Neeta’s Herbal Scalp Treatment Session At Novena Square 2 – By Sharon & Her Adventures Beauty Blog. On the last week of 2010, I received an invitation from Ms Lydia, owner of a hair care franchise calledNeeta’s Herbal Hair Loss Centre, to try out Neeta’s Herbal Scalp Treatment Session at its first outlet in Novena Square 2. To be […]

Hair Loss Women Singapore – Causes & Types

August 6, 2011


  Types Of Hair Loss in Women: Androgenetic Alopecia The different patterns of Androgenetic Alopecia may include: Thinning of hair diffused all over the entire scalp, with more recoignisable thinning toward the back of the scalp. Thinning of hair spread over the entire scalp, with more noticeable towards the front of the scalp but not […]