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Pregnancy & Hair Loss

October 31, 2011


First & foremost… Congratulations on your pregnancy! Hair loss can occur during and after pregnancy due to a high level of activity in hormonal changes. One of the biggest changes is a change in the hair than the rest of the body. It may be thin or fall, or it can┬áthicken. To understand why this […]

Hair Loss Treatment Singapore – Managing Hair Loss

August 12, 2011


New Straits Times- 13 August 1998 You needn’t dwell on or lose sleep over hair loss, whether the loss is hereditary or due to the environment, you can seek early and natural treatment that will put the shine back to your crowning glory. – MUHARYANI OTHMAN reports. One Day, a female colleague and I were […]

Hair Loss Women Singapore – Causes & Types

August 6, 2011


  Types Of Hair Loss in Women: Androgenetic Alopecia The different patterns of Androgenetic Alopecia may include: Thinning of hair diffused all over the entire scalp, with more recoignisable thinning toward the back of the scalp. Thinning of hair spread over the entire scalp, with more noticeable towards the front of the scalp but not […]