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Tips on Sudden Hair Loss due to Stress…

November 20, 2011


People often do not understand how stress affects us mentally, physically, as well as the health of our hair. Stress affects the overall health of the individual. This does not mean that stress is always bad. Sometimes stress is good to have a unique approach to a  better decision making.  Up to a certain level […]

Why More Women Are Turning To Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Herbs To Treat Hair Loss

November 4, 2011


Having hair is one of the assets a woman associates greatly with self-esteem and confidence. However, women do experience loss of hair or thinning at some point in their lives, usually during the post-pregnancy or menopause stages. Post pregnancy hair loss occurs within the 3-4 months after the delivery. Given the importance of looking good […]

Hair Loss Singapore- A Herbal Cure for Hair Problems

August 15, 2011


The Press (U.K) – 18 MArch 1999 Herbal Cure For Hair Problems – A traumatic experience when one is balding or suffering hair loss While premature thinning and baldness are hereditary for some people, neglecting the condition of your crowning glory can also be a contributing factor. The environment , the food we eat and […]

Hair Loss Singapore – Types of Hair Loss in Men

August 6, 2011


Hair Loss Singapore – Causes of Hair Loss Singapore

August 6, 2011


CAUSES of HAIR LOSS in Singapore Hair loss is also sometimes known as Alopecia. When it happens on the scalp, hair loss can lead to  baldness. Alopecia or hair loss can affect both adults of all ages & children. But do not worry, not all hair loss is permanent. Hair loss treatments in Singapore can vary […]