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Posted on February 15, 2012


Neeta's Herbal Scalp Treatment SingaporeSponsored Review: Neeta’s Herbal Scalp Treatment


Sponsored Review It’s Friday! I’ve just returned to the office after two days of medical leave because I met with an accident on the train on Tuesday. 😦 Hurt my back, shoulders, back of my left arm, and right elbow. Those on my Facebook would probably have read about the incident in detail; in a nutshell, the driver applied the brakes suddenly, I got flung backwards, crashed through the doors leading to the rear driver’s cabin, and landed on the floor in the driver’s cabin. SMRT is currently looking into the matter, and I’ll monitor my injuries in the meantime. On a brighter note, you may have already read about how I spent the first day of the New Year (besides putting up the blog’s New Year giveaway); now find out what I did the day after, which was a public holiday! I popped by Neeta’s Herbal at Square 2, located at Novena MRT Station, for a scalp treatment. Established in 1984, Neeta’s Herbal offers solutions to hair and scalp-related problems (such as hair loss, dandruff, baldness) using Ayurvedic products. Neeta’s Herbal has since expanded its reach to folks all over the world. With so many salons offering chemical treatments, it’s about time we utilised what Mother Nature has offered us – potent herbs, oils and plants. Here we are! When I first arrived, I thought the lights were switched off; it’s just tinted glass! 🙂   Before I go into detail about the scalp treatment, let me show you around! The interior is quiet and lit by soft lights. This is the reception and payment counter.  On the shelves are Neeta’s Herbal products. This is the cozy waiting area. Say, if you’re waiting for your turn (or waiting for a friend to be done), just make yourself comfortable here! Before the treatment commenced, I was ushered into the scalp analysis room for a scalp scan. While I sat, the consultant/therapist used a scanning tool on my scalp; as she did that, magnified images of my scalp showed up on the screen before me. This is a recorded image of my scalp. The consultant/therapist pointed out that the hair follicles were clogged (see the greasy-looking bits at the bases of the hair roots?) and they need to be unclogged to allow hair to grow healthily. I was born with very fine hair, and there really isn’t any volume to speak of. I used to lose uncountable strands of hair on a daily basis, but ever since I made some adjustments to the type of hair products I use, the condition improved. However, my hair still appears really thin and refuses to grow. I guess these clogged follicles are the main cause of slow hair growth? Following the scalp analysis, I was brought to the treatment area, which is not unlike your usual hair salon. Here’s another look at the treatment area, this time with the shampoo booth in view. I took the seat nearest to the wall. Here we go! The first step is called the ‘Ozone’ treatment, which is done by running an electrode (connected to a high frequency hair and scalp machine) all over the scalp. The ‘Ozone’ treatment helps stimulate the hair follicles and encourage hair growth through its high frequency current. I felt the static during this treatment and found it pretty interesting as it was my first experience. Following the ‘Ozone’ treatment, Hair Oil was applied to my scalp. A thorough massage of the scalp and shoulders was also performed to promote blood circulation. I liked that! It was invigorating. I was told the Hair Oil is in fact a special concoction made up of various herbs and oils, and some of the key ingredients are ginger, coconut, olive, castor, and almond. The Hair Oil helps to promote hair growth and also acts as a stress reliever. After the massage, the consultant/therapist used the steaming machine on my scalp, in order that the Hair Oil may penetrate the hair follicles. After steaming, the consultant/therapist applied Neeta’s Herbal Amla Mix (which has been made into a rich paste) onto my scalp. Also called the scalp mask, this mixture of highly effective herbs helps to restore the scalp’s pH balance and promote hair strength and growth. The mask was left on the scalp for about half an hour, and I wandered about the place reading materials on hair while I waited. I was then asked to proceed to the shampoo booth, where the consultant/therapist washed the mask off my scalp and hair, and used Neeta’s Herbal hair products on me. Further steaming was done on my scalp before the final drying, which was done using low heat on the hair dryer. This is to protect the scalp and hair from heat damage. I was told that all customers have to brush and style their own hair as Neeta’s Herbal does not provide such services. Well, it was easy for me! I simply ran my fingers (“the original comb”) through my hair, put on my headband, and I’m done. 🙂 Following the treatment, we returned to the scalp analysis room for a post-treatment scan. This is the image captured post-treatment – I was rather surprised to see that my hair follicles appeared less clogged! The difference is pretty obvious, don’t you think? The tinier follicles can also be seen more clearly. It’s good to know that the follicles have been unclogged; that way, hair will grow! Overall, I felt that the scalp treatment did me good – my scalp definitely felt cleaner, and no herbal scent lingered on my hair. I spent about two hours on the session; headed for lunch thereafter! (Speaking of that, I discovered several good lunch spots at Square 2.) I believe that each scalp treatment costs SGD99; however, I saw a promotional sign at the entrance offering a trial at SGD59. In addition to individual treatments, Neeta’s Herbal also offers treatment and product packages. Do check with them on the rates! 🙂 As with all treatments, one has to keep up with regular sessions for significant results. I would like to thank Neeta’s Herbal for having me, and Ms Anee, Ms Sara and Ms Uma for being so friendly and patient while I asked them various questions about the treatment! I was given a complimentary bottle of Neeta’s Herbal Amla Shampoo, and I thought that was very sweet of them. 🙂 Visit Neeta’s Herbal at 10 Sinaran Drive, #B1-132, Square 2, Singapore 307506, or call them at 6397 6322 for more information. Been to Neeta’s Herbal? Share your experience!
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