Neeta turned a problem into a solution (U.K newspaper- 2001)

Posted on November 21, 2011


India Today (UK) – 28 May 2001

Hair And Now
Nita Gosalia turned a problem into a solution and is now helping others
Baldness is NOT REALLY A MALE problem. Women are losing hair faster than ever before. Is it because of hormonal changes? Or does it stem from changing food habits? Or is stress the villain?It’s difficult to answer these questions but humankind has been trying to find a permanent solution for ages. Various techniques like hair transplant and remedies in the form of tonics are available in the market. But Nita Gosalia, hair care expert, swears by herbal hair care treatment.

Gosalia, a mother of two, entered the hair care world under unusual circumstances. At a very young age she became a victim of hair loss. She had a bald patch at the crown and was embarrassed even to move out of the house. Desperate to treat the problem, Gosalia tried various hair tonics and lotions from pharmacies but to no avail. Finally, she went to Delhi to seek herbal treatment. Specking to people at the center, she learned more about the herbal treatment. Fascinated , she enrolled for a course in Ayurveda. Her hair grew back within six months and she become confident that the treatment would work on others as well. Delighted with the knowledge, Gosalia, armed with loads of confidence and a diploma in beauty culture, opened a salon called “Neeta’s Herbal ” in Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur . Three years back she opened “Neeta’s Herbal” in Britain. Today ,Gosalia has salons in Malaysia, London and California.

The salon provides herbal remedies for hair loss, thinning hair, patchy baldness, graying and scalp disorders. The herbal concoction to solve hair and scalp problems is made according to the ayurvedic principles.

According to Gosalia, it’s important to know the kind of hair one has and then to look after it accordingly. Women take it for granted that they will not experience hair loss problems. The bald truth is that women suffer gradual hair thinning after the age of 25.

Gosalia impresses upon her clients that it is important to be patient and cooperative, and have a healthy attitude. “Don’t sweat, go for herbal care”-that’s straight from the lady who understands hair better than most.

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