Why More Women Are Turning To Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Herbs To Treat Hair Loss

Posted on November 4, 2011


Having hair is one of the assets a woman associates greatly with self-esteem and confidence. However, women do experience loss of hair or thinning at some point in their lives, usually during the post-pregnancy or menopause stages. Post pregnancy hair loss occurs within the 3-4 months after the delivery. Given the importance of looking good in society, hair loss or alopecia in women can be very devastating and can even cause depression.

Strands that fall in worrying numbers, clogging shower drains & occurs even with the gentlest & quickest of brushing. Increasing number of hair fall which usually comes with undeniable emotional stress for more women today. This problem may be in connection with genetic or medical condition or contributed by the aging process, the facts remains that more women are facing this problems, there is an extent of hair experts who show & agree that there are a lot of natural ayurvedic herbal remedies that can generate significant benefits for the people concerned to treat their hair & scalp condition & have prolong healthy hair.

According to ayurveda the causes of hair loss are described as follows

1. Too much exposure to dust, sunlight, water and other pollutants.

2. Too much of sweating.

3. Irregular sleeping pattern.

4. Anxiety, depression, insomnia.

5. Unhygienic way of living

6. Diseases

7. Alcohol consumption.

How your hair grows? They are made of keratin, the same protein that makes up nails and the outer layer of skin. The part that looks and the style is called the hair shaft. This is actually dead tissue made by the hair follicles small bulb-like structures beneath the surface of the scalp.

How hair loss begins? Losing hair is a normal symptom. 50-60 hairs are shed every day, the normal scalp. Losing more than 60 strands a day is excessive and may lead to a general thinning. Alopecia in women is often caused by pregnancy, stress, fatigue, or chemical treatment but may also be hereditary.

Normal cycle of hair growth. About 10 % of the hair on the scalp is in a resting phase at any given time. The resting hair falls after 2 to 3 months and new hair starts growing in its place. The growing phase continues for 2.25 to 6 yrs. During this phase each hair grows approximately 1 cm per month. At any given time about 90% of the hair on scalp will be in growing phase.

A healthy diet can prevent alopecia in women help keep the hair you have to stay healthy longer. As your overall health will benefit from a balanced diet, should therefore also the health of your hair.

Hair loss Remedies:

1. Liberal intake of vitamins.

2. High protein and iron rich diet.

3. Consumption of raw vegetables, fresh fruits, salads, green leafy vegetables regularly.

4. Washing hair regularly ( every other day) with suitable natural shampoo.

5. Using relaxing techniques to overcome stress, anxiety and sleeplessness.

6. Preventing fungal infections of scalp.

7. Preventing hairstyles which pull hair.

Natural oils such as coconut oil & castor oil & hair masks enriched with ayurvedic herbs such as Bhringaraja ( Eclipta Alba ), Amla ( Embelica officinalis ), Shikakai, Brahmi and Henna is a best remedy for hair fall.

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