Hair Restoration Singapore – Chemical vs Herbal Hair Growth Products

Posted on August 20, 2011


There are many reasons that hair loss occurs and whatever the reason be, there is a vast majority of the population suffering from this dreadful issue. The reasons may vary from simple stress related issues to genetic factors. Chemical which can cure hair loss problems is easily available in the world market and in Singapore, yet people are turning towards herbal hair loss cure. This is the same for any disease or condition. When given the option to choose between herbal and chemical, the majority choose herbal. Natural hair loss products are preferred over the chemical cures as people do not want to spoil their health and take risks by using chemical products which is always available as a package with associated side effects.

Most of the biological reactions that take place in our body have a chemical base, but yet the process is natural and even the chemicals are naturally present in our body. Every other foreign material that our body encounters is reacted upon the immune system and sometimes causes allergy. This is the reason why skin rashes are a common occurrence when chemical and synthetic lotions or creams are used on the skin. The same holds for chemical hair growth supplements. With herbal hair growth supplements, whether they are orally consumed as pills or even topically applied as lotions or oils, they are all natural ingredients present in the body and do not cause any adverse reactions within the body.

Herbal constituents work alongside the other body components while chemical products are created in laboratory and have completely harsh chemicals as their base. Chemical based hair loss shampoos and oils have strong ingredients and are created to give instant result. But, long term daily usage will have adverse effects on the hair and even the body. Herbal shampoos and oils for hair regrowth are made out of purely natural products and they do not cause any harm even if used daily.

When you look to buy herbal hair regeneration and hair fall control shampoos and oils, make sure that you read the ingredients list well. There are many fake herbal shampoos out there which will have only one or two herbal products as the base, and the rest will be chemical compounds. Keep away from such fakers as they might cause major damages to your hair. Herbal manufacturers may have to use small amounts of preservatives and conditioners in the form of chemicals, yet the percentage quantity must be very minimal. Due to the high demand for herbal products, the customers should be very careful and should refer with an expert before purchasing a herbal hair restoration product in Singapore.

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