Hair Replacement Singapore – Hazards of Hair Extensions & Hair Weaving

Posted on August 19, 2011


People with soft or short hair now look on to the easier and instant hair lengthening procedures of adding hair extensions or hair weaving. Having the hair style of your dreams is just a walk to the saloon away. There are so many choices to make from the many hair extension options available in the market. If you are really concerned about your health and you go into do a research about how healthy will be the procedure of a hair extension or a hair weaving on your scalp, you will ultimately find that none of them is risk free.

In hair extension, glue is used to bond the hair segment to your existing hair or even to the scalp. The idea of applying glue to the hair and to the scalp itself seems weird enough. The glue used is either chemical or sometimes even metal compositions are used which will cause major damages to the hair. If at any time you want to remove them, then strong chemical like acetone has to be used. There are many documented cases of people who eventually develop bald patched or other major scalp problems after the hair extension removal process. There are also some extensions that use metal rings which will scar the scalp and destroy hair follicles & active natural hair pores on the scalp.

In hair weaving, synthetic or human hair is weaved into the scalp. This is added on to the root section of the existing hair and therefore it grows along with the natural hair. With weaved hair, people can add the length, thickness or even add strands of colored hair. The major disadvantage is associated with the weaving of the hair to the root. This will wear out the natural hair and cause it to fall off due to lack of nutrition. Being made of artificial materials and glues, they cannot be washed with any shampoo and specific shampoos have to be used. Combing the hair should also be done very carefully to ensure that they do not fall off.

Another problem is the high cost of having a hair extension to be done. Hair extension and weaving are both costly processes and required a good deal of money to be spent on it. Most of the hair weaving procedures have to be checked and readjusted every 6 months and again the amount spent on it increases. Regular weaving & use of hair extension will lead to further hair loss especially around the area where the extensions or weaves have been attached to which may lead to balding or worse issues.

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