Hair Loss Singapore- A Herbal Cure for Hair Problems

Posted on August 15, 2011


The Press (U.K) – 18 MArch 1999

Herbal Cure For Hair Problems – A traumatic experience when one is balding or suffering hair loss

While premature thinning and baldness are hereditary for some people, neglecting the condition of your crowning glory can also be a contributing factor. The environment , the food we eat and our lifestyle can also aggravate the condition. But there is hope yet for your balding pate- Neeta’s Herbal offers a natural way to combat problems such as hair loss, thinning hair, dandruff, greying, male pattern baldness and even alopecia areata or patchy baldness.

And Neeta Gosila knows “What it means to lose hair when you’re actually not in the age category to do so” as she experienced it her self. In finding a solution, she became a pioneer in Ayurvedic hair treatment . “Before you get down to hair care, it’s important to ascertain what kind of hair you have and then look after it accordingly, ” says Neeta.

“Dry hair for example , would need plenty of nourishment” and the roots would need extra oil and feeding. So shampoos and tonics should have a nutritive value, preferably lanolin or Vaseline. “Oily hair on the other hand would require a completely different therapy,” she says, adding that highly seasoned foods contribute to oiliness.

According to Neeta, Excessive oiliness leads to falling hair and premature baldness, especially in men after 35. “But treated in time hair loss can be checked as lost hair cannot be replaced naturally”, she stresses.

She says hair loss is divided into two categories- where it is distributed over the whole scalp and patchy baldness, where hair loss is limited to localized areas. “Hair loss can be attributed to a variety of reasons but it can be traced to the prolonged administration of antibiotics or any other drug to combat illness, ” says Neeta.

She says alopecia is more than a beauty problem. “In some cases, the condition results in slight disfigurement but in others it may be an indication of a severe systematic disease,” she says. “it is this that makes active diagnosis of the cause of balding an urgent and important matter.” But there is no reason to feel depressed because of the loss of hair. Neeta has come across clients suffering from alopecia normally feeling hopeless, tense and nervous but adds that this becomes a vicious circle as it only aggravates the condition.

“But I always impress on my clients that science has certain limitations. “I make it clear that treatment would only work if my client is patient and co-operative and has a healthy attitude,” she says. Herbal hair colouring is used to treat greying hair and there is a choice of black, brown or natural henna. In addition Neeta treats skin problems including acne, black heads, and white heads, scars, wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, pigmentation disorders, and the removal of facial hair.

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