Hair Loss Treatment featured on News Straits Times

Posted on August 12, 2011


Turn to Neeta’s for glorious tresses

A WOMAN’S crowning glory requires much care to keep it lovely. Treat mum to a herbal hair treatment at Neeta’s Herbal to address any hair issues she might have and help keep her tresses looking good.

A balanced diet and stress management can go a long way in combating hair problems, which include balding, thinning, patchy baldness, rashes, dry scalp, scaliness, dandruff, greying, damaged hair and split ends.

While there are many over-the-counter solutions available, hair- care expert Neeta Gosalia believes that one should first determine the cause of the problem and the condition of the hair before purchasing any products.

Baldness is not really a male problem these days, as women are also losing hair faster than ever before. There are many reasons for this, which could range from hormonal changes to food habits and even stress.

At Neeta’s Herbal, clients are first offered a free consultation. The consultation includes a detailed analysis of what provokes a scalp and skin disorder. Details such as age, marital status, number of children, nature of work and if any chemical products used in past and present are also noted.

Based on this information, a customer’s profile is drawn up and the source of her problems may be deduced, such as hormonal changes caused by a recent pregnancy or work-related stress. The consultant will then advise on the possible treatment.

Neeta advises clients to seek professional advice so that a correct assessment of the problem and prescription can be made.

Neeta’s Herbal treatments, which are herbal-based, are for external use and applied topically. Its main objective is to provide traditional remedies as a safe and alternative source for hair and skin care. The company’s strength is in research and development, and Ayurvedic treatment.

Visit Neeta’s Herbal Hair Loss Centre Singapore at #B1-132, Novena Square 2 or call 63976322 for a free consultation.