Hair Loss Treatment Singapore – Managing Hair Loss

Posted on August 12, 2011


New Straits Times- 13 August 1998

You needn’t dwell on or lose sleep over hair loss, whether the loss is hereditary or due to the environment, you can seek early and natural treatment that will put the shine back to your crowning glory. – MUHARYANI OTHMAN reports.

One Day, a female colleague and I were going on and on about how curly-hired people would straighten their hair and sometimes damage it in the process, while those with straight hair would spend lots of many on perms.

Perhaps fed up with the chatter on a sensitive subject – hair – a male colleague who was sitting nearby suddenly thumped his fists on the desk. “I don’t care if it’s straight or curly, I just want hair!” said the colleague, who has a bald pate. The ended our conversation.

On another occasion, when I mentioned the world “bald”, another ,male colleague who was passing by came to me and whispered , “Do you know that certain words are banned in this office ? ” That colleague also has a bald patch. It’s obvious that nobody likes losing hair, although some may console themselves that they look just as attractive and desirable as Telly Savalas and YulBrynner, or that they look more prosperous now.

All of us want to have soft, shiny, healthy, luxuriant hair, but because of stress, pollution, poor diet, body heatiness, hormonal imbalance, illnesses, poor personal hygiene, and excessive use of chemical-based products, we start losing our crowning glory.

Hair loss may also be hereditary , but we can still check the problem by seeking early treatment and changing our diet and lifestyle, besides choosing our hair-care products carefully.The problem is just not affecting men as more and more women are also losing hair these days. However , the problem among women does not reach the level of male pattern baldness. Still, we need not lose sleep over loss of hair as we may lose more hair if we keep worrying over it. We should seek early treatment and it need not be expensive, running into thousands of ringgit.

So what do you do when you are losing hair?

Nita Gosalia, who has 12 years ‘experience providing ayurvedic hair and scalp treatment, says one should get a doctor to recommended the right diet and supplements. “It’s difficult to change your eating habits, but you must do it. Instead of taking carbonated drinks for almost every meal, why not take fruit juice, soya milk or barley drink, which is not only nutritious but helps to cool down your body?”

Nita has been advising her clients to eat more fruits and vegetables, and reduce the intake of meat so as to eliminate heatiness as the climate here is already hot and humid. She add : “You may even need a blood test done if you have an illness.

But don’t go to a hair-stylist to seek treatment because if she sees that you have little hair, she may recommend that you have a perm to add body. “This is the worst thing to do because you may eventually lose whatever you have. I have come across such clients. Even if you have inadvertently permed your hair, and you feel awful because there are visible gaps between the curls, do not straighten your immediately. I’ve had a female client who went bald because of this.”

Other problems associated with the hair and scalp include dandruff, scaliness, rashes, itchiness, pimple-like protrusions (sometimes filled with pus), dry and brittle hair, premature greying , patchy baldness and male-pattern baldness. Dry, brittle hair with split ends can be due to frequent perming, straightening and excessive use of the hair dryer.

Wearing a scarf, hat or helmet over damp hair should be avoided because when the scalp eventually sweats, the dampness will not only give out a bad odour but will also attract fungi and bacteria. This may contribute to hair loss , dandruff, scaliness and other scalp conditions. So dry your hair thoroughly before covering the head. There’s also the tendency for helmet-wearers to comp their hair immediately after alighting from their motorcycles. This should also be avoided, says Nita, because when scalp is heaty and sweaty, the pores are expanded and hair to fall. So always keep your hair and scalp clean. “There times a week of hair wash is sufficient for this hot and humid climate. But it all depends on the nature of your job. Some people may need to wash their hair daily using a mild shampoo. Use a conditioner to replace moisture loss,” says Nita.

If balanced runs among male members of the family, the problem can still be treated depending on the severity of the problem and whether the pores can still be activated. This can be detected during consultation with a hair specialist. As with premature graying, treatment should be done from the onset of the problem. If you have some grey strands, Nita’s advice is that you don’t pull out those hair as it will only worsen the problem. This is because the pulling effect causes vibration with the discoloured pigment spreading to other follicles. No wonder I’m seeing more grey hair on my head these days as I’ve been religiously pulling out those grey strands that I have . Soon I might have to henna-dye my hair. Protein treatment and minerals and vitamin supplements are said to lessen the problem of graying.

Frequent changing of shampoos, which are mostly detergent-based, should also be avoided. It is best to know your hair type-dry, dry and damaged , oily- before choosing your products. Some of the popular brands imported from Europe, the United States and Australia have been turning to natural sources like jojoba, honeysuckle, nettle, yarrow, wild orchid, aloe vera, mango, banana and ginger extracts as well as herbs such as chamomile, sage, comfrey and rosemary for their products.

Local and Indonesian natural-based brands like Mustika Ratu, Sari Ayu, Zaitun and Liasari have items like spinach, carrot, green apple, padi straw and orang aring(herbal) shampoos; santan(coconut Milk) conditioner; coconut hair oils; herbal hair tonics; and herbal hair creams (for steaming). All these natural ingredients are for treating and nourishing hair. Pay attention to the hair root because it is the life source of the hair; it is where the essential characteristics of each individual’s hair are determined as a result of the biological processes involved in hair formation. The root is responsible for all the natural qualities, such as colour, texture, length, thickness and shine which the hair possesses. These provide the starting point for hair care products, which are designed to bring out the best in these natural qualities.Therefore , root nourishment is essential for healthy hair and that means strong , shiny hair.