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Posted on August 11, 2011


Ms. Neeta, the founder of Neeta’s Herbal Ayurvedics Hair Loss & Skin Centre, searched for a remedy and found herself in India where she was given a treatment of oils and special mixtures with an easy to follow program. Now she is the proud owner of a head full of hair and shares the globally acclaimed hair loss products Singapore can now benefit from.

The winner of the “Best Brand in Natural Hair care” by BrandLaureate 2007, Neeta’s Herbal Indian Ayurvedics offers award winning products that combat hair loss problems, dandruff, thinning hair, balding, and losing hair. They provide the most natural and effective hair growth treatments Singapore has ever had. They also offer natural hair color treatments for greying hair, free from any harmful synthetic chemicals which may damage the hair and scalp. Their signature hair loss & ‘scalp healing’ treatments not only increase hair volume, but strengthen each strand from the roots, condition the hair, and make your hair look healthier, stronger and shinier with a youthful glow.

Baldness will be a thing of the past with the hair growth treatments of Neeta’s Herbal Indian Ayurvedics Hair Loss Centre. Neeta’s Herbal have the best hair loss products Singapore has to offer with proven award winning results for 26 years worldwide including London, Holland, Melabourne, Iran, Brunei, Malaysia, America, Singapore & the lastest addition to this globally reputable hair loss centre is Germany & Belgium. Ayurvedic herbal hair loss solution is the secret of many women in India who have long healthy black hair. It’s a marvel that they achieve having beautiful hair without the use of expensive modern hair growth treatments.

Neeta’s Herbal is to date the world’s largest Ayurvedic Hair Loss Centre with their newest outlets in Singapore, Germany & Belgium. Award-winning & globally acclaimed for the effectiveness of the hair loss products & treatments with no side effects & long-term dependency. Over 100,000 satisfied customers worldwide to date.

Neeta’s Herbal Hair Loss & Skin Centre has been treating hair loss conditions for the past 26 years with a global clientele of more than 50,000 worldwide. With our strong presence in Europe, UK, USA, Middle East & Asia, our dedicated researchers & professional team of consultants & therapists at Neeta’s Herbal Hair Loss & Skin Center will continue to provide the best care & most effective hair loss treatments & products the market has to offer.  Since the opening of the Singapore Outlet, Neeta’s Herbal aim to help those who have been seeking a natural & herbal hair growth treatment in Singapore.

Visit or call us at 63976322 for more information on their success in combining the treatment of Ayurveda & Ayurvedic herbs for the purpose of treating hair loss & promoting hair growth and a Free Consultation and Scalp Analysis.

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