Herbal Help for Hair Loss- Expat Living Magazine 2010

Posted on August 11, 2011


Herbal Help for Hair Loss

While premature thinning and baldness are hereditary for some people, neglecting the condition of your crowning glory can also be a contributing factor. The environment, the food we eat and our lifestyle can also aggravate the condition.

Using Ayurvedic principles, Neeta’s Herbal offers a natural way to combat problems such as hair loss, thinning hair, dandruff, greying, male-pattern baldness and even alopecia areata, or patchy baldness. The company uses only natural herbs and oils from trusted suppliers. The herbs are imported directly from India, while all the essential oils are brought in from Australia. Neeta’s Herbal products are US FDA-approved and have gone through stringent testing in the UK. The treatments are completely natural and do not have any unwanted side-effects.

Nita Gosalia, the owner of Neeta’s Herbal Hair Loss Treatment Centre at Novena Square 2, has been practising herbal treatments for hair loss and skin complaints for the past 26 years. She now has over 35 salons all over the world, including ones in the UK (London), Australia (Melbourne), California, Holland, Dubai, Malaysia, Iran, India and Brunei.

Neeta’s Herbal 
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