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Posted on August 11, 2011


Ayurveda is India’s traditional, natural system of medicine has been practiced for over 5000 years. Ayurveda means “science of life.” Ayurveda believes in three doshas vata, pitta and kapha. Understanding the concepts of disease as expanded in Ayurveda and applying it to the human being of modern day whose lifestyle and environment has been the key motivators of modern disease was an immense task for researchers at Neeta’s Herbal. The solution required an understanding of the concept of diseases both in the modern sense as well as that in Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is an ancient medical system, which normally helps to balance body, mind and spirit. Ayurvedic herbs offer a natural solution to the problem of hair loss. These herbal remedies holistic philosophy of Ayurveda have shown remarkable success, with no adverse side effects. Read on to learn more about ayurveda herbs for hair…

Ayurvedic medicine is a way to cure diseases and the use of herbs. Ayurvedic treatment has been used mainly in India, usually based on a holistic healing and life. People today have learned to use Ayurvedic herbs for the treatment of many diseases and one to use, it is popular these days, is helping in the growth and regrowth of hair.

The treatment of hair loss, ayurvedic herbs, oils applied to the hair for at least three times a week. Should be applied directly to the scalp, helps to nourish and strengthen the roots of the hair tips. What hair care products, ayurvedic herbal hair to restore shine and color. There are many herbs used in Ayurvedic medicine to cure or stop hair loss.

Some of the popular ayurvedic herbs are Bhringraj (Eclipta alba), Amla (Emblica officinalis), Shikakai, Brahmi etc. into shampoo, Hair tonic, Oils and herbal products tohair loss and scalp disorders.

In modern medicine, the cause of skin disorder can therefore be concluded as being due to faulty cell function which can be brought about by pathogens (bacteria, virus etc), by environmental factor such as excessive UV rays from the Sun, chemical carcinogens from a polluted environment or by other means.

Ayurveda takes this understanding further to explain that such changes in cell function are just not caused by the effects of the ultraviolets rays or chemical carcinogens directly but by the inherent weakness within the body constitution which makes the attack by the ultraviolet radiation or chemical carcinogen easier. Thus not all human beings exposed to the sunlight, get skin cancer, but only those with an inherent weakness within the body constitution. Thus the emphasis is on bringing the human body to a proper balance, using an active regime of herbal remedies and change in diet lifestyle and exercises.

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