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Posted on August 9, 2011


18th May 2002- The Malay Mail (Malaysia)
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Neeta’s Herbal offers a wide variety of natural herbal remedies. – By Fidah Ruzki

Seeing is believing, that’s what they say. But what Nita Gosalia came across was more like “the proof of the pudding is in the eating.” All this happened in 1984, when the young lady, who was suffering from severe hair loss, stumbled onto the traditional beauty secrets of India.

Gosalia went to India that year, she had already lost all hope of getting treatment that would undo the severe loss of hair that she was suffering from. She was then working for her father’s textile business and her loss of hair was causing her excruciating embarrassment when clients stared at her in disgust or pity.

“I had this traumatic hair loss experience. I spent thousand of Ringgit trying to find a suitable remedy, trying out every product that was available in the market. Even the most expensive and scientifically acclaimed products of the time were not of much help to me,” she agonised. “To my chagrin all these expensive and sophisticated products did nothing to improve my condition. In fact as the old saying goes; “too many cooks spoil the broth”, they made my condition worse,” Gosalia reminisced.

But what she found in India really gave her back some faith and hope. Gosalia decided to go for a natural herbal mixtures and natural oils in an easy-to-follow programme. Surprise, surprise, her hair stopped falling after only three days of using the remedy and after three months, new hair started to grow. After experiencing this, Gosalia decided to bring the programme to Malaysia so she could help other people facing similar conditions as hers.

Gosalia started Neeta’s Herbal with her husband in 1986 with her first treatment salon in Brickfields. “At first, it was difficult to convince Malaysians to try herbal remedies. One reason was because of their lack of knowledge in herbal products, and maybe because they thought that herbal products are smelly and hard to apply.”

However, persistence paid off and eventually her clients realized that the products were not smelly or hard and tedious to apply, and they also worked and helped restore their “shining crowns of glory”. To ensure clients get the best benefit she had handpicked and trained all her consultants. We give all our employees intensive training within the company so that they know what they are doing and also are able to pinpoint what treatment is to be given. Throughout the six-month course, employees not only get product knowledge

training but also master the art of paper ,” she explained.

“Apart from that, we also teach business management so that they will understand the business better and if they will understand the business better and if they decide to set up their own business, the information and knowledge will help them,” Gosalia added. However what’s dearest to her heart is to open a school of Ayurvedic studies to teach students about the power of herbs, but that dream will have to wait for some time yet.

Gosalia observed that Malaysians are now more open-minded and convinced about herbal remedies than 16 years back when she started her company. One plus point is the fact that most of us are familiar with the leaves, herbs and roots used since our grandmothers have used them too.”I think most Malaysian -Indians, Chinese or Malays, have been exposed to these leaves, herbs and roots, maybe from their mothers. It’s just that they don’t know the combinations or which of these to use for a particular condition,” she pointed out.

Now with processed herbs, roots and leaves in the correct measurement and combinations, they are easier for people to use and reap the benefits. Over the years, Neeta’s Herbal has grown and at present, there are four branches in the United Kingdom and one in California, in the United States. Well worth the sacrifices and hardships of the early years in business.

“The truth is, Asian herbal products can be considered excellent and are able to break into the international market. But when we first decided to go to the UK and US markets, it was not easy,” she admitted. “In fact , Neeta’s Herbal has gone through US FDA and United Kingdom Ministry of Health requirements and testing,” she proudly claimed. “At present I have a small factory that processes and packs all the products that we use in our treatment salon. We have about eight herbal products for hair treatment. We import the herbs from India and process them here, “she elaborated.

“Plans are on the drawing board to buy land so that we can grow our own herbs here in Malaysia. I’m sure if the plan works, we will be able to generate more jobs for people ranging from simple labourers to scientists who will develop more herbal products and help other people in the process,” Gosalia concluded.