Hair Loss Singapore – Causes of Hair Loss Singapore

Posted on August 6, 2011


CAUSES of HAIR LOSS in Singapore


Hair loss is also sometimes known as Alopecia. When it happens on the scalp, hair loss can lead to  baldness. Alopecia or hair loss can affect both adults of all ages & children. But do not worry, not all hair loss is permanent. Hair loss treatments in Singapore can vary ranging from the use of natural & herbal products to chemically applied or consumed products. Surgery to reverse hair loss such as hair transplants are also becoming an option to treat the detrimental effects of hair loss.

There have been the several of causes & contributing factors of hair loss. The usual contributors are:

Infection: Especially Fungal infections can lead to hair loss. This type of scalp infection can be treated.

Hormones: Hair loss might begin due to an overactive or under-active thyroid gland. Changes in androgen as good as estrogen turn can means the hair loss.

Illness: Prolonged illness, vital surgery, stress, can also cause a considerable amount of hair loss. Temporary illnesses will not contribute to hair loss. Hair loss might additionally begin due to diseases, such as lupus or diabetes.

Pregnancy: Hair loss in women may begin after child birth. Such hair loss occurs after 3 to 4 months post- delivery. This is due to all the hormonal changes during & after pregnancy.

Medicines: Some medicines can be factors of hair loss such as anticoagulants used for treatment of gout, chemotherapy used to in the treatment of cancer.

Diet: Your diet additionally plays an important role in combatting hair loss. Eating sufficient amount of food with health nutrients will help in the health of your hair. Nutrition increases the vitality of the hair shaft The taking of supplements & multivitamins is also necessary to progressing the full of health of hair.

Smoking: Hair loss has been also been linked to smoking. Smoking causes the red blood vessels in your body to shrink. This restricts the volume of red blood supply to the hair shaft, which could lead to hair loss over a period of time.

Genetic: Hair loss genes are being passed on from generation directly inheritted from parents or grandparents.

Stress: Stress built over time can have an impact on hair growth. Stress management is also recommended to overcome this cause.

Hairstyles: Certain types of hairstyles, especially in women which caused their hair to be pulled constantly & repeatedly over time can results in hair loss. Women who wear tight pony tails mostly will experience from the little bulk of hair loss.

Can hair loss in Singapore be prevented? Looking at all the contributing factors especially the genetic & hormonal ones, it’s not the easiest of condition which can be easily prevented, however hair loss can be treated….

The habitual contributors of hair loss can easily be prevented such as smoking, diet & choice of hairstyles can easily be prevented & controlled by adopting a different alternative approach & lifestyle habits.