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Posted on August 6, 2011


Review: Neeta’s Herbal Scalp Treatment Session At Novena Square 2

– By Sharon & Her Adventures Beauty Blog.

On the last week of 2010, I received an invitation from Ms Lydia, owner of a hair care franchise calledNeeta’s Herbal Hair Loss Centre, to try out Neeta’s Herbal Scalp Treatment Session at its first outlet in Novena Square 2.

To be honest, I have never heard of Neeta’s Herbal before, but I decided to give it a try after reading more about the brand and knowing it specializes in hair loss issues using natural herbal products. (If you have been reading my blog, you would know I have been having hair fall problems all along.. oh mine, I think Lydia must have know my hair problem and wanted me to experience the scalp treatment which works on her.)
Yes, Lydia was a customer of Neeta’s Herbal before she decided to open the outlet in Singapore. (She had tried a lot of other products before I stumble on Neeta’s Herbal.) Lydia had benefited from the products & treatments, and was convinced that by providing such service here, it will help a lot of people facing hair loss problems.
A little background about Neeta’s Herbal Hair Loss Centre-
Neeta’s Herbal has outlets in the following countries: USA, UK, Malaysia, India, Iran, Dubai, Brunei, Australia & SingaporeNeeta’s Herbal was established in 1984 & has been in the industry for 26 years. The Singapore outlet has been running since March 2010. Neeta’s Herbal has also been awarded ‘ Best Brand in Natural Hair Care’ by BrandLaureate 2007.
Neeta’s Herbal offers natural Ayurvedics solution to hair loss issues as well as to promote new hair growth naturally using ancient Ayuvedics principals & natural herbal products which have gone through stringent testing in the US & UK before the first few outlets were opened in those regions.
Neeta’s Herbal specialises solely of treating hair loss & promoting hair growth, it does provide Henna Colouring services but do not provide any styling or professional blow-drying services.
This is the first outlet Hair Loss Salon of it’s kind in Singapore.

A few days back, I went to Neeta’s Herbal and try out its signature Scalp Treatment Session…

So how was my virgin experience at Neeta’s Herbal Hair Loss Centre at Novena Square 2? 
Come in with me and find out…

This is how the interior of the shop looks like when I pushed open that black-tinted black doors..

I was pretty surprised by its interior though because it looks and feels totally different from the main exterior view of the shop. Its Simple and laid-back setting plus the warm welcome greetings and smiles of the friendly staffs made me feel more relaxed all of the sudden. (Maybe the green walls gave me the feeling that I was in the greenery, away from outside world.)

I was attended by Huda who led me to a cozy corner to do a  hair analysis via a hair/scalp scanning device.

– Yucks! My scalp really problematic, greasy and pores were clogged. ( Huda said my pores were clogged making it difficult for my hair to grow and sustain the growth.)

She told me that the scalp treatment will help to promote new hair growth, and the whole process will be done using Neeta’s Herbal products made from natural ingredients like herbs.

Step 1: Ozone Treatment ( using direct frequency machine) Here is my friendly therapist- Huda.She said that this ozone treatment helps to reactivate pores and improve blood circulation. The current that was used seemed much more stronger than when the electrode is to be used on my face; because I can sense a bit of tingling sensation, although the sound produced by this machine is rather disturbing, rest assured that there is no pain involved. (All these while, I know how direct frequency treatment benefits our skin, but only till that day then I realise it can be used on our scalp too..Dohz! me really mountain tortise!)

Step 2: Ayurvedic Scalp massage using Neeta’s Herbal Hair Oil

First Huda rubbed in the hair oil before giving me a relaxing scalp massage. Neeta’s Herbal hair oil made of 11 different herbs and oils, form a vital link in the treatment of hair loss as it aids in hair growth.
Step 3: Steaming  ( for around 30 mins to further penetrate the massage oil and promote hairgrowth.)

Step 4: Application of Amla hair mask  Huda told me that a whole egg was mixed with the Amla hair mask as egg contains proteins, and the Amla hair mask mixture helps to strengthen the hair roots.

Step 5: Leave on hair mask for 30 ( to allow the nutrients to penetrate my hair roots.)
Step 6: Wash & Dry Due to the nature of its business, Neeta’s Herbal therapists will try not to cause more damage by extensive blow-drying. As such, my hair was blow dry naturally with minimum heat. (think Huda used cool air, or at most at the lowest heat setting..I could really feel the heat.) Do not expect professional hair styling service though.
After the completion of my whole scalp treatment, Huda did a hair/scalp analysis on my scalp one more time to let me see the difference and results.

Now let us compare the before and after pictures side by side:

After treatment results: My scalp looked and felt cleaner, no more greasy look. The clogged pores had unclogged leaving sort of open pores for hair regrowth. 

My thoughts: 

Personally I feel that Neeta’s Herbal is really into treating hair/scalp problems through its holistic approach involving the use of natural herbal products and Ayurveda method in its scalp treatment. This is a purely scalp treatment to treat the roots of the problem – the hair mask was only applied to my scalp and not on my hair length, the main focus is the scalp which is the culprit to hair loss/thinning concerns. Although the exterior of the shop is no where posh, its simple, clean and laid-back setting will make one feel comfortable and relaxed.
I did ask Huda if there are different types of scalp treatments for different conditions, (you know when we go facial, there are different treatments for differen skin types like oily skin, sensitive skin etc) However, She told me thatat Neeta’s Herbal, all customers with different scalp conditions will go through the same 6-step scalp treatment (except when shampoo-ing, a different shampoo for different hair type will be used) other than that, all the steps remain the same.
I did notice an improvement in my scalp condition before and after the treatment, and I am happy about it. However, in order to see improvement in my hair fall problem, I definitely need to go for more sessions to treat my scalp condition and make my hair roots stronger.
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