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Posted on August 6, 2011


18th March 1999- Times Group Newspapers (U.K)
Wednesday, Jul 21, 2010

18th march 1999

Hair loss is a problem that can happen to anybody. Watching your luscious locks disappear down the plug-hole every morning can put you in a bad frame of mind for the whole day, especially if you don’t have many of it left. It is a commonly held misconception that only men have to suffer from this affliction, but more and more women are finding that their hair is not guaranteed to always be there. Men can often defend their egos by claiming that their shining pate is proof of their virility, but hair loss can be devastating for a woman’s confidence and self-esteem.

There are many reasons why a person can start losing their hair. Stress has been linked to the condition and there is no doubt that it contributes to the problem. Hair products must also take some of the blame – constant shampooing and perming take their toll in time.

A new salon has opened in Finchley which offers a unique answer to this troubling problem. Neeta’s Herbal at 603 High Road in North Finchley offers a safe , natural answer to this age-old problem. The proprietor Nita Gosalia, has been practicing herbal treatments for hair loss and skin complaints for the last 13 years. She now has 15 salons all over the world.

Nita came across the treatment in India during 1984 when, after years of searching for a product that could halt her own hair loss, she found that herbal treatment not only stopped her hair falling out, but after three months new hair started to grow. Understandably impressed with the results, Nita decided to increase her knowledge of the ancient Indian science of herbal treatment known as Ayurveda. Now she blends the formulations that worked for her in her salons and uses them to treat a wide range of complaints including hair loss, acne, scars and ageing. The Business has enjoyed a long run of success. Three years ago Nita opened her 14th salon in the US, and since then people have been flocking there for the unique treatment.

“We have very good results,” Nita said from the new salon in Finchley, “the treatments are all completely natural, and there are no side-effects. If you come to the salon with a specific complaint we can formulate a treatment for you and give it to you there.” The company only uses natural herbs and oils from trusted suppliers. Herbs are imported directly from India, while all the essential oils are brought in from Australia.

The treatment works by using herbs to recondition and detoxify damaged tissues in the scalp or the face and restore the correct chemical balance to the skin’s surface. Once a customers hair has started to grow back, there is a range of skin care products available which they can use to maintain their healthy , flowing locks and radiant complexion.

For more information about the wide range of products on offer or to arrange a consultation visit Neeta’s Herbal Singapore outlet at Novena Square 2, #B1-132. Or visit Neeta’s Herbal Singapore website: http://www.neetasherbal-sg.com 

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