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Hair Transplant Singapore – Does An Alternative Exist

August 21, 2011


Hair loss is a common issue these days that it is very common in men and women of all ages. We are all very conscious about our hair and begin to be worried over it as soon as a few extra hairs begin to fall out. Thinning or falling of hair is a major concern […]

Hair Restoration Singapore – Chemical vs Herbal Hair Growth Products

August 20, 2011


There are many reasons that hair loss occurs and whatever the reason be, there is a vast majority of the population suffering from this dreadful issue. The reasons may vary from simple stress related issues to genetic factors. Chemical which can cure hair loss problems is easily available in the world market and in Singapore, […]

Hair Replacement Singapore – Hazards of Hair Extensions & Hair Weaving

August 19, 2011


People with soft or short hair now look on to the easier and instant hair lengthening procedures of adding hair extensions or hair weaving. Having the hair style of your dreams is just a walk to the saloon away. There are so many choices to make from the many hair extension options available in the […]

Hair Loss Singapore- A Herbal Cure for Hair Problems

August 15, 2011


The Press (U.K) – 18 MArch 1999 Herbal Cure For Hair Problems – A traumatic experience when one is balding or suffering hair loss While premature thinning and baldness are hereditary for some people, neglecting the condition of your crowning glory can also be a contributing factor. The environment , the food we eat and […]

Hair Loss Treatment Singapore – Managing Hair Loss

August 12, 2011


New Straits Times- 13 August 1998 You needn’t dwell on or lose sleep over hair loss, whether the loss is hereditary or due to the environment, you can seek early and natural treatment that will put the shine back to your crowning glory. – MUHARYANI OTHMAN reports. One Day, a female colleague and I were […]

Hair Loss Treatment featured on News Straits Times

August 12, 2011


 News / New Straits Times / May 4, 2008 Turn to Neeta’s for glorious tresses A WOMAN’S crowning glory requires much care to keep it lovely. Treat mum to a herbal hair treatment at Neeta’s Herbal to address any hair issues she might have and help keep her tresses looking good. A balanced diet and stress management can go a long […]

Hair Growth Treatment Singapore – Indian Herbs for Hair Growth

August 11, 2011


Amla (Indian gooseberry) is a tonic for the hair evidently used in all preparations of ayurvedic plants or hair loss. Enriching hair growth and hair pigmentation. Amla is also excellent for strengthening the hair roots, keeping the color and brightness. Ayurvedic Neeta’s Herbal oil enriched with Amla can be applied to provide additional nutrition to […]